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Siobhan & Trey | The Market at Grelen


I met the lovely Siobhan at good old Lynchburg College and later on met Trey after they started dating. After the college days, we would sometimes meet up in Arlington when they were visiting and I have always just naturally gotten along with these two! Down the road I absolutely freaked out with joy when they asked me to take maternity photos for them in Georgetown and then their first family photos with their adorable daughter Collins in Roanoke!

I am taking this time to continue to celebrate my 2020 couples who are getting married and given this difficult time that these spring friends are going through, they deserve all the shout outs in the world!

This past Saturday they spent the day relaxing as a family, receiving messages, video calls, and flowers instead of having their wedding day as planned. March 28, 2020 will always be a special day for these two and they deserve their wedding day more than anyone I know! It will happen, it’ll be the absolute best day, and it’ll be worth the wait!

Siobhan and Trey, take this time to remember ALL of your amazing memories together, soak up this time with each other and with Collins, and lets remember back to this fun morning at the Market at Grelen. Your summer wedding day will be here before you know it! Love you friends!


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