I'm 27 years old, born on 9/9/1991 at 3:03 am (how fun), I have grown up in lovely little Aldie, Virginia, I was once attacked by a goose, I DO love dogs (even though some people think I only like cats), my family has two donkeys named Milo and Racer, three cats named Lu-Lu, Saratoga & Derby (you can find all of my best animal friends below), I LOVE traveling and running, I went on a service trip to Africa when I was in college (and I would love to go back again), I have a life goal to run a race in every state, the 5 members in my immediate family (including myself) are all entrepreneurs, one of my first pets was a hermit crab named Milton Digger, and I have an older sister and an older brother.

I'M grace (or gracie)


MY BUSINESS: In September of 2016 I began to pursue Gracie Withers Photography full time after returning to the Northern Virginia area from Lynchburg, Virginia. After living in Lynchburg for almost 6 years, it feels amazing to be home, with family around and running my business where I envisioned I would one day. Granted, I did not think that I would give this a go at the age of 25 but here we are and i’m happy to say that it’s been quite a journey so far with many ups and definitely some downs. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, happily serving couples, families and seniors across the Northern Virginia area. I am also a contributing photographer at Georgetown University in DC. You can find work from that genre, travel and athletics on my Athletics & Travel site above. Thank you all so much for reading and please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

for my clients to be relaxed, comfortable, excited, occasionally break out in laughter, and I like to keep the process as simple and easy as possible for them.

i strive...

watching a scary movie

wearing cat earings


watching friends

noming on carrots


one day...i want to have a dark room in my home

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