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Fine Art Prints Now Available!


Key West, Florida

The first batch of Gracie Withers Photography Fine Art Prints is officially live (click here or the link at the bottom of the page to view)! I am beyond excited about this and cannot even tell you how long I have been thinking about this. Today I’m sharing a bit about my WHY behind this and how it stems back all the way to my childhood.

As you can see there is quite a variety of photos that I’m including, such as DC sunsets, tropical/travel scenes, and even some of my favorite animals photos. One that was requested was this shot of our donkeys that live behind my parent’s B&B, the Little River Inn in Aldie, Virginia.

Now to chat about where all of this stems from and my WHY behind this! As a child, I actually had a greeting card business called Gracie’s Greetings. They were originally printed from drawings that I did and there were many scenes of our family and our pets. As I grew up and my passion for photography evolved, the drawings on Gracie’s Greetings became photographs of mine and at one point I even sold packs of these at my mom’s antique shop in Aldie. Most of these consisted of animal photography and since I started traveling a little more and bringing my camera with me almost everywhere I went, the idea of selling these prints was always in the back of my mind!

The prints are fulfilled by a company called ProDPI and they are HIGH QUALITY! These are not your Walgreens or Walmart kiosk prints and the two paper types that are offered are Deep Matte and Lustre (Semi-Glossy). I did plenty of trial and error with other printing companies and after some feedback, I ended up offering two types that I know people will love! The Lustre has a slight gloss to it and the Deep Matte has no gloss and is super smooth! When you add a photo to your cart you can see a description about each kind when you click on each print option. There are two copies of each size listed and the one that doesn’t have anything in parenthesis after “print” is the Lustre option. And depending on the size you choose, you might have to crop it before adding it to your cart so be sure to check before moving forward!

THANK YOU so much to everyone who recommended that I offer these and of course thank you for reading! This has been a dream of mine for over a year and I can’t wait to add more as the years go on. If you are interested in ordering prints, have ANY questions or any feedback, please let me know!


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