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Bermuda | Celebrating 60 Years


Better late than never right friends! After a few weeks and many internet struggles the last two days to get this out, it feels good to get this posted! This has some of my favorite travel photos of all time and there are plenty to look through so i’m going to keep this quick!
This cruise from New Jersey to Bermuda was organized by Dan’s grandparents’ to celebrate their 60th anniversary! It is not just impressive that they have celebrated 60 years, but they are also in great health and two of the sweetest people I have the pleasure of calling my future in laws. They went to Bermuda for their honeymoon and revisited some of their favorite places while we were docked. We had almost 3 days in Bermuda and we all definitely took advantage of our time there!
Some solid Bermuda activities that we experienced and that you will find as you scroll down:
-the Museum of Bermuda, which was walking distance to our ship
-Ferry rides to other parts of the island, like Hamilton
-we also used the bus system a few times and it was awesome! very efficient!
-Harbor lights night in Hamilton, which was full of vendors and a parade!
-a catamaran ride with snorkeling and exploring of Ameraltee Bay
-also cliff jumping and swimming at Ameraltee Bay
-exploring Bermuda on mopeds!
-a tour of the Crystal Caves of Bermuda (discovered by two 12 year old boys in 1904)
-strolling around Horseshoe Beach (the place with the pink sand!)
-eating coconut ice cream out of a coconut in Hamilton 🙂
-yes I found kitties (they’re adorable)
-also found a payphone (they’re still around)
Some Celebrity cruise activities that you will also see:
-pool time
-wine tasting
-sunset views
-Dan and I at a silent disco!
Finally, some fun facts about Bermuda you might not know:
-it is very expensive to live there and visit!
-a two bedroom home will start around 2 million
-gas is $8.50 a gallon
-a burger and fries is about $19
-the cheapest car you can buy is a Kia for about $60,000
-there is a town called Tucker’s Town, which my dad is named after,
and it’s almost a completely private part of the island
-if you take the bus anywhere in Bermuda, you will find that almost everyone on the bus knows each other
-everyone is SO NICE and WELCOMING
-on multiple occasions, people asked us if we needed help or directions, and a few people who gave us advice on what spots we should see while visiting
Bermuda is such a special place that I would visit again in a heartbeat and I definitely hope to go back one day! The people there are so nice, hospitable and there are definitely a few more spots on the island that I would love to visit.
Once again, happy anniversary to Dan and Carol! They are such an inspiration and I can’t thank them enough for inviting me on this family trip. Spending a week with the whole family and my future in laws was such a fun time!
Enjoy, thanks for reading, love & meows!
Happy 60th Anniversary Dan & Carol!


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